Local business leaders donated their time and money to ensure that no “piesitos” are left behind, by donating 30 pairs of shoes and socks to children in need at Perez Elementary on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 1:30 pm.

This is not the first year that members of Next Generation Rotary donate shoes to children in the community through its annual “No piesitos left behind” project. This is the fifth school the club has donated shoes to. This year the club chose 30 students from Perez Elementary who receive socks and shoes. Laura Narvaez, Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club president, said that “this project provides such a huge impact in our community, these shoes provide these children with self-esteem, along with making sure that they are healthy and in school especially during the colder days of the year.” She went on to say “And who doesn't like to get a new pair of shoes?”
The presentation was followed by a pizza party hosted by the Laredo Next Generation Rotary club.

Next Generation Rotary is a group of young professionals that have come together to serve the community. It is the newest Rotary Club in Laredo, being in existence for only 7 years.

The club has built several playgrounds in Laredo including the playgrounds at North Central Park, Dovalina Elementary, and Sacred Heart Children’s Home. This year we are partnering with El Metro to build bus shelters throughout the city.

If anyone is interested in more information please contact Laura Narvaez at 956-645-0751 or visit the club at Eduardo's Retaurant at 7:30 pm for their weekly meeting.