The Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club began construction May 27th  on their “Techito Project” at the corner of Arkansas and Locust.   This is one of approximately 15 bus stop around Laredo that  the Club,  in conjunction with the City of Laredo and El Metro, will be working on upgrading bus stop locations to include new benches and canopies, to help protect riders as they wait for the bus.
Club President, Laura Narvaez said “We are so excited to get this project underway, and know the impact of the project will help many in Laredo as they wait for El Metro.”
Planning for the project began back in July of 2014.   The idea for the project came after a member of the group saw some of the elderly and children forced to stand while waiting for a bus in Laredo's scorching heat.  The Laredo Next Generation Club has raised funds, received a grant from the Rotary Foundation, and have worked with both the City of Laredo and El Metro to get this project off the ground.
Narvaez continued that “"There's always a need for more but, hopefully this will make it more comfortable to wait for El Metro.”
The project was completed in June. 
Some images of our construction and finished project... more can be found on