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Mr. Sanchez is the HIV/AIDS/STD Program Coordinator at the City of Laredo Health Department and is the Co-founder of PILLAR (People with Ideas of Love, Liberty, Acceptance and Respect)- a non-profit organization that provides counseling and educational services to people dealing with emotional turmoil related to bullying, suicidal ideation, and sexual identity issues.


As the HIV/AIDS/STD Program Coordinator, Mr. Sanchez is responsible to develop, provide and promote comprehensive HIV services and awareness among the Latino population in the South Texas area.  This is accomplished through a community based, culturally appropriate and professional working relationship with HIV stakeholders.   As the leading advocate for community action against HIV/AIDS/STDS he leads, strengthens supports and expands responses to the epidemic that will:

  • Prevent the spread of HIV/STDs
  • Provide care and support to those affected and infected with the disease
  • Reduce the vulnerability of individuals in South Texas to HIV/AIDS/STDs


As the Co-Founder of PILLAR, Mr. Sanchez promotes the health and well being of people from diverse communities by furthering effective suicide and bullying prevention through collaborative activities and information sharing in order to ensure individual growth, personal success, saving lives, and advancing the respect of human rights.  This is accomplished mainly via community mobilization.  However, equally as important, PILLAR is a full-fledged behavioral health and licensed substance use treatment center that provides counseling services to people struggling with mental health and substance abuse matters. 


Mr. Sanchez has 20 years of experience in the mental health field and 13 years of experience in the HIV/AIDS/STD field.  He has a B.A. in General Psychology from Laredo State University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Texas A & M International University.  He currently serves on the HIV/STD Prevention Community Planning Group for Texas and has served as Chairperson for the South Texas HIV Planning Assembly, a planning body that focused on the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, and as the Area 6 leader for the VOICES of South Texas- an HIV/STD prevention community planning group.  Mr. Sanchez has also served as a technical advisor to Third World Countries with the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD).  


M. Sanchez also holds a Licensed Professional Counselor credential.