Contact: JJ Gonzalez
Laredo Next Generati
United States
Dr. Luis Cerda is the Epidemiology Supervisor at The City of Laredo Health Department. Dr. Cerda graduated from The University of Zacatecas School of Medicine in 2000, and then finished his internship from The Military Hospital Services of Mexico in 2004. He completed the Toxicology training program from the University Of Texas Southwestern in Dallas in 2005. Dr. Cerda practiced medicine for 10 years and was an adjunct Physiology professor at The University of Zacatecas School of Medicine. He owned and operated the Basset Laboratory which specialized in drug testing for law enforcement agents in Mexico from 2006 to 2012. He became certified first assistant from The American Association of Surgical Assistants and worked in Texas operating rooms as a first surgical assistant from 2012 to 2013 when he finally met Jerry working at Child Protective Services.   Dr Cerda became an epidemiologist for The City of Laredo in 2014 and completed the Masters Program in Public Health from Cappella University 2017; he is currently the Epidemiology Supervisor for the counties of Webb, Jim Hog, Zapata, and Duval.